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Nana Campbell promoted to Chief Impact Officer

[London 07/11/2023] – The 10,000 Interns Foundation is delighted to announce the appointment of Nana Campbell as its Chief Impact Officer (CIO). Nana, who joined the organisation almost three years ago during its infancy, has played a pivotal role in shaping the Foundation’s growth and strategic direction. This appointment marks an exciting milestone in the Foundation’s journey toward deeper impact and greater inclusivity for both Black and Disabled students and graduates across the country.

Nana has been a driving force behind the 10,000 Interns Foundation’s remarkable growth and impact which has created more than 5,000 paid internships to date. Within 6 months of joining the organisation, Nana became Programme Director of the 10,000 Black Interns programme. In her tenure, the organisation successfully obtained charitable status, launched a pioneering new programme, welcomed a CEO, initiated a rebranding campaign, and delivered thousands of internships to underrepresented talent across 30+ sectors.

As CIO, Nana’s mandate is clear: to direct the Foundation’s vision for deeper and even more meaningful impact. Her work is deeply rooted in impact measurement, and her ethos is that effective DEI strategy must be grounded in a data-led, intersectional understanding of inclusivity.

Nana comments: “Our programmes do more than just highlight lack of representation. They provide a framework of reinforcement for our candidates that they are enough, that no opportunity is out of reach, and that there is a community of people pushing for their success. I am thrilled to watch the continued growth of the Foundation and to leave a legacy as CIO”.

Rebecca, Chief Executive said, “Nana is an incredible talent and has been instrumental in the unparalleled success of the Foundation; the formation of a C-suite feels like an obvious next step in our journey, and I couldn’t ask for a better collaborator. The Foundation is incredibly lucky to benefit from her commitment and nuanced understanding of our mission and I’m incredibly proud of the signal this sends: that we take our impact very seriously”.

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About 10,000 Interns Foundation

The Foundation is dedicated to championing underrepresented talent at scale. What started as the 100 Black Interns initiative scaled rapidly to create countless opportunities that have empowered talented individuals to launch their careers, overcome barriers, and achieve their full potential. By promoting equity of opportunity and working with over 700 leading organisations across the full spectrum of UK industry, the 10,000 Interns Foundation’s programmes have created 5,000 paid internships for Black students and graduates and​ disabled students and graduates in just 3 years. The Foundation is combining access to industry with training and mentoring opportunities – for the 25,000 students and graduates who have so far come through our programmes – to build a diverse community of talent who will change the face of British business.

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